We Are Family

We, the Chapel family, are Christ-centered, Bible-believing individuals who are united in relational community. We desire spiritual and interpersonal growth and connection, which leads us to reach those within our realm of influence with the Gospel of Christ.

Vision and Mission

The Vision of The Chapel is to make disciples of Jesus.

The Mission of The Chapel is to give opportunities for people to respond to Jesus.

This church was established as a Baptist Church in 1907. As one of Enderby’s first churches we have a long history in the community of presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ. In 1971 the church separated from the Baptist denomination and became an independent church and it changed its name to the Enderby Evangelical Chapel (The Chapel). Today we continue with our long history of sharing Christ with our community.

We have 6 core values that help us fulfill our vision:

A. Prayer

Prayer is the barometer of the church. We will rise and fall according to our commitment to prayer.

B. Church Community

God’s desire for the church is to live in oneness. Oneness therefore will be  expressed in all facets of church life and ministry.

C. Local Community

Our local community matters to God. We are compelled then to express the Gospel of Christ to our local community.

D. Worship

God has called us to worship in spirit and in truth. It is in light of this that  worship is to be a lifestyle and not an event.

E. Discipleship

The building blocks of this church are its people. We will invest into their lives the teaching of God’s  word.

F. Missions / Evangelism

We believe all need to be saved and salvation is available to  everyone. We are bound by Christ’s love and compassion to share the Gospel to the  world.

Doctrine of Faith & Church Covenant:

We believe many important things about who God is, what He has done and who we are. You can read all about it in our Statement of Faith.



If you would like to know more about how we operate as a church and non-profit you can view our Church Constitution.


Vision, Mission & Values:

Here is a complete look at comprehensive Vision, Mission and Core Values.